Organic Soap Saver Sack (100% Organic Cotton)

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If you’re going zero waste, switching from bottles of shower gel and shampoo to bars of soap and this soap saver sack will help you take a huge step towards a zero waste bathroom.  

It's  lovely 100% Organic Cotton Soap Saver Sack.  It is hand crocheted by me with extremely soft yarn to create a durable soap sack.  They are reusable and so much better for the environment.  

It is easy on your skin, this textured soap saver sack also helps to produce a creamy, rich lather or to exfoliate and massage your head, hands or body. 


  • 100% organic cotton & Hand-dyed with natural dye colors 

Size:  9cmW x 11.5cmH 

How to use:

  • Put in your favorite bar soap in the sack and close the loop.  Lathering with the water   Rinse well after use and hang it during the day/night to dry until your next shower. (or)
  • Simply hang up the soap sack with bar soap inside and let it air dry. (or)
  • You can put all those little chips and pieces of soap that are way too small to keep hold.


  • First time in case of color bleeding.  Please put into the salt water overnight, rinse with water and hang up to dry in a ventilated space before use. 
  • Subsequently, you can wash by put them in a mesh lingerie bag.
  • Lay flat or hang dry (for best results), but may also tumble dry