It's not unusual to turn hobby into a business.  I took the leaps into handcraft industry in year 2016 because the timing and my passion of creating the handmade goods are aligned.   I always think that "only if we love what we do" of course, we should do what we love!  Therefore, I deeply encourage all my students to take a step by turning their hobby into a small token!  

As crafters, everything we make is created with love and dedication. No matter how big or small the item is, or how much time it’s taken to make, we give everything the same care. Buying from us means that whatever you order from us has been made with skill and a real passion for what we do. We put our heart into every piece we make.

As makers, we will never ask for prices that are unrealistic. Our materials, time and skill are factored in to our prices.

We will always give you the red carpet treatment as on of our customers, or even just a potential customer.  No matter what you’d like us to make, we’ll always go the extra mile for you.

Before we sold our items, we spent hours trying and failing. We’ve learnt our craft the hard way, but are completely grateful for each error. Even when we are experts at what we do, we’re always buying new materials to experiment with new techniques.

When you buy from us, you’re directly supporting us to keep doing what we love. As our craft is our main source of income, you’re helping to keep food (and materials) on our tables! As well as all of the lovely benefits you get from commissioning a crafter, you’re ultimately helping us keep our small business going.

We are most appreciated and thank you always for your support :)