Our Prevention Policy for Covid-19

As the situation with Covid-19 evolves day to day, my top priority during challenging times continues to the health and safety of customers and communities.
We'll be allowed to resume workshops in Phase 2 (hopefully).  Once it's confirmed, we will give priority slots to students whose lesson were put on hold.  For new students are most welcome to join us once the new workshop calendar is up.
Following the measures announced by the MTF on 2 May 2020, Safe Entry is now mandatory for all businesses and services that are in operation to log the check-in and check-out of visitors.  Mamasewgoods is participating in this measures too, therefore, I would like to ensure all the students should you scan the QR code for check -in and check-out before entering and leaving the workshop every time during visit.  In addition, temperature check, mask wearing and social distancing will be implementing as well.
Thank you for doing your part in keeping Singapore safe :)