About Mama


I am Eve Kawashima, lover of all things nice and unique especially when it comes to crochet bags! I can spend lots of money on any beautiful pieces often without thinking. One day, in the summer of 2016, i finally garnered the courage to quit my corporate job and begin my creative journey in the world of crochet bags. Crafting with yarn is my passion and it always amazes me how just a simple crochet hook and a ball of yarn can work together to create such a lovely piece. My dearest, multi-talented mother-in-law is my wonderful sensei and the source of my inspiration. Now, I can't be happier each day as I endeavor to create one-of-a-kind bags and most importantly, crochet each piece with my heart and love.


The name of "Mamasewgoods" is came from the idea of myself who is back-then the mother of 6 years old girl, sewing some lovely, unique bags and stuffs. Hence, I translated my dream and passion of creating the handmade goods through the word of "Mamasewgoods"


Aside of creating unique bags, and accessories, I also love to share my knowledge of crocheting & sewing. I share my passion, skills and some trick to create each piece of product and encourage people to create their own pattern with shade and colours using the same principle skills. I really want to see all mamas, housewives from local or expat, to have a lovely time, sharing their creative ideas and inspiration to each other’s without the barrier of Language, Religion and Society. That is the reason I start to offers DIY workshop and focus on Crocheting Bag, accessories and small home decor.

-Eve- from Mamasewgoods